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Dance Schedule

2019-2020 Dance Schedule and Registration

Callie Taylor, Studio Director
callie.taylor@gmail.com, 307-399-4710 cell

Class Levels:
▪Dance with Me: for parents and toddler to do together
▪Pre-Dance: for preschool aged dancers: age 3-5
▪Level 1: for dancers in kindergarten and first grade
▪Level 2: for dancers in grades 2-3
▪Level 3: for dancers in grades 4-teen


A minimum number of students per class is required. Please note that classes with less than 5 students may be combined with other classes of the same level. If you would like to see this class on a different day/time please contact Callie!

Studio Rules and Expectations: to be followed by all dancers (and their parents!)
▪ All dancers are expected to come to class in dance attire including appropriate shoes for their class, leotards, tights, hair pulled back, etc. Please contact Callie with questions about what to get. Shop online at www.discountdance.com and use Callie’s teacher code: TP101716

▪ Cedar Street Studio is a DRAMA FREE ZONE! Keep the drama on stage! No gossiping, no rude behavior….above all be kind and respectful to everyone! The studio reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to ask disrespectful persons to leave. Students may be cut from classes/productions/competition pieces for poor behavior and no refund will be given.

▪ Students are expected to be on time and prepared, teachers have the right to refuse late students in class (parents, if your child will be late because of school/appointments/rides please contact the instructor in advance) Dancers may also be asked to watch only if they are not dressed appropriately.

▪ Dancers who choose to participate in productions including our annual recital, Nutcracker, etc acknowledge that they are making a commitment to a group activity. All parts are integral to the show. Please do not miss rehearsals for other activities. Absences for sickness, staying after school, medical appointments, vacations, etc are to be expected. Please keep absences to a minimum. Teachers reserve the right to remove dancers from shows if they are unprepared for their role due to absences.

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